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The iota subscript is a diacritic mark in the Greek alphabet shaped like a small vertical stroke or miniature iota ι placed below the letter. Microsoft Word - Ancient polytonic Greek in Windows. There are two ways to deal with iota subscript. Subscript omega iota.

The earlier practice was to write iota in normal position at normal size after the vowel. TYPING ANCIENT ( POLYTONIC) GREEK in a Windows environment. Iota subscript iota subscript shift + [ type { a ᾳ ( for combinations as shown below hold down < right alt> key + use the same keys as above). It can occur with the vowel letters eta η omega ω alpha α.
The other is to use the + key to add an iota subscript. One is to forget about it and use iota adscript instead. The iota in the three long diphthongs is presented in most texts as a subscript under the long vowel ( iota subscript: ᾳ ῳ ), ῃ imitated in the typographic conventions of Greek since the Renaissance.

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The iota subscript, on the other hand, is a true letter and does affect the meaning. This is explained in the Greek Lesson Iota Subscript and Diaeresis found at. Here is a statement found in that lesson: Note that the iota subscript can be difficult to spot when reading, but is important.

Apr 22, · Hello everyone, Can anyone tell me what is the difference in pronunciation between simple omega and omega written with the iota subscript? And I ask the same question about eta and eta with the iota subscript added.

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Oct 28, · Sooo, here is what Mastronarde says about the alpha, eta and omega with iota subscript: " generally pronounced by present- day students exactly like a plain long [ alpha, eta or omega] ; a so- called " long diphthong. Iota Subscript by Robert ek not in me the big I capitalNot yet the little dotted in me seek.

If I have in me any I at all. Aug 23, · How do you type an iota subscript under an omega?

I downloaded a keyboard layout for GreekClassical and using arial unicode ms I can' t seem to type the iota subscript.